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The Mina Testnet is currently UNDER MAINTENANCE
Expected testnet restart: September (precise date unknown)

Getting Connected


information about the required hardware, network connection, and software to take on different roles within the network
Hardware Requirements:
At least a 4-core processor
16gb of RAM
30GB space

Install a Node

links and tips for standing up a Mina testnet node

Running a Mina Node on a Virtual Private Server on a Budget

If you don't know how to setup an Ubuntu VPS and secure it. Here you find a little tutorial for Mac OS and Windows

Create and Fund an Account

links and tips for creating an account and acquiring testnet tokens

Actively Participating


description of the Mina staking system and how to stake your tokens

SNARK solving

description of the purpose and requirements of SNARK solving, the SNARK marketplace, and how to run a SNARK worker