Genesis Token Program

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Genesis Token Program

Become one of 1000 community members to receive a token grant.

You'll complete challenges on testnet, learn how to operate the protocol, receive public recognition on our leaderboard, and help to strengthen the Mina network and community.

Up to 1000 members will be selected from our testnet community to receive a distribution of 66,000 tokens as founding members of Genesis.

  • At mainnet launch, 6.6% of the protocol will be distributed in this manner.
  • Distributions will be locked up for up to four years after mainnet launch.
  • Starting on mainnet launch, Genesis founding members will have to participate as block producers and continuously stake all tokens received from the Genesis Program.
  • New Genesis founding members will be announced on a rolling basis.
  • To learn more about the selection criteria and requirements, see the Terms and Conditions.

Step 1: Genesis Token Grant Application

Step 2: Join Discord

Step 3: Participate in Testnet

Technical Challenges (Testworld):

Community Challenges (Testworld):