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Testnet [Beta] Official Resources

Title URL
Getting Started
Testnet Challenges
Live Demo of going through testnet tutorial
How to use Mina's GraphQL API in 5 minutes
Blog: Testnet [Beta] - Retrospective for every week
Community Video Call About Testnet Launch
Subscription to Testnet Updates

Testnet [Beta] Community-led/Unofficial Resources

Title URL
Mina Blockchain Explorer
Mina Blockchain Explorer
Graphql API
Network Overview
Instructions to set up a node on Testnet [Beta] using WSL
How to Back Up and Import Private Keys
How to Monitor Mina's Node Status
Scripts: How to always have your nodes up and running
First Steps with Mina GraphQL API
Prototyping a Mina Blockchain Explorer
Additional Notes + Screenshots for Setting Up a Testnet Node
Tool for Ranking SNARK Workers (fees and number of zk-SNARKs)
Running Mina with Docker

Resources in Russian

Title URL
Live demo to set up a testnet node
Testnet Set Up Guide

Resources in Chinese

Title URL
Testnet Documentation (Simplified Chinese)
Testnet Documentation (Traditional Chinese)
How to Monitor Mina's Node Status